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Iron texts

All texts in one file (searchable pdf).

Text name Consultant Text (PDF) Text (ODT) Text (WAV)
Maria Batieva's Autobiography Maria Batieva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 1.9 Mb)
Nadifa's Autobiography Nadifa (pdf) (odt) (wav, 399.5 Kb)
The Crook Nyusya (pdf) (odt) (wav, 9.8Mb)
The Tower Islam Sasiev (pdf) (odt) (wav, 2.2 Mb)
Girls' Mountain Islam Sasiev (pdf) (odt) (wav, 1.3 Mb)
On Houses and Children Nyusya, Nadifa, Taisa (pdf) (odt) (wav, 242.8 Mb)
Wolf Woman Zhenya (pdf) (odt) (wav, 1.2 Mb)
Baking Bread Maria Batieva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 804.6 Kb)
The Glacier Nadifa (pdf) (odt) (wav, 275.0 Kb)
A Hunt for Caucasian Goats Zhenya (pdf) (odt) (wav, 2.6 Mb)
The Great God's Feast Rimma Mayramukaeva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 1.1 Mb)
About the Husband Zhenya (pdf) (odt) (wav, 2.4 Mb)
A Tale of Jealousy Maria Batieva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 3.8 Mb)
A Life Story Barish Ballaev (pdf) (odt) (wav, 3.0 Mb)
Saint George Rimma Mayramukaeva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 666.1 Kb)
A Tale about Love Maria Batieva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 3.4 Mb)
The Boy and the Eagle Maria Batieva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 1.7 Mb)
A Traditional Wedding Maria Batieva (pdf) (odt) (wav, 2.4Mb)

2011 texts

These texts (about 10 000 wordforms) were recorded and analyzed with the support of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, program "Corpus linguistics", projects 3.7 "A corpus of spoken texts in dialects of Ossetic" and 3.8 "A corpus of oral narratives in literary Iron". Some of the texts have also been recorded in 2008-2009 in Dargavs (North Ossetia) and in 2010 in Tskhinval (South Ossetia). The texts have been recorded by Oleg Belyaev, Arseniy Vydrin, Julia Mazurova, Natalia Serdobolskaya, Natalia Stoynova and Madina Darchieva, transcribed and translated by Madina Darchieva and interlinearized by Oleg Belyaev and Arseniy Vydrin.

We would like to extend a special personal gratitude to Madina Darchieva and Zalina Kusaeva, without whose help the completion of this project would not have been possible.

Text name Consultant Text (PDF) Text (ODT) Text (WAV)
Aguzarova Izeta Aguzarova Izeta,
Koraeva Zoya,
Kochieva Manana
(pdf) (odt) (part 1, 230.3 Mb)
(part 2, 427.0 Mb)
The fox and the bear Zina (pdf) (odt) (wav, 1.5 Mb)
Houses and children (part 2) Nyusya, Nadifa, Taisa (pdf) (odt) (wav, 243.0 Mb)
Medoeva Natella
(Kudar subdialect, Tshkhinval)
Medoeva Natella (pdf) (odt) (wav, 310.0 Mb)

2012 texts

Iron texts numbering 30000 tokens have been collected, transcribed and translated with the financial support of the Russian Academy of Sciences Programme for basic research "Corpus linguistics", projects "A spoken corpus of main dialects of Ossetic" (project leader Julia Mazurova) and "Collecting materials for the National and spoken corpora of Ossetic" (project leader Zalina Kusaeva). The texts have been recorded in 2011 in Alagir, North Ossetia, by Oleg Belyaev, Madina Darchieva, Natalia Serdobolskaya and Arseniy Vydrin. The transcription and translation of the texts into Russian was carried out by Madina Darchieva, the texts have been interlinearized and translated into English by Oleg Belyav, Arseniy Vydrin and Julia Mazurova.

Text name Consultant Text (PDF) Text (ODT)
Aguzarova Izeta, part 2

Aguzarova Izeta
Koraeva Zoya
Kochieva Manana

(pdf) (odt)
Dzuarikau school, part 1 Dzhikaeva Al'bina, Bazrova Zarema (pdf) (odt)
Dzuarikau school, part 2 Dzhikaeva Al'bina, Bazrova Zarema, Darchieva Madina (pdf) (odt)
Fatima Aguzarova Aguzarova Fatima (pdf) (odt)
Kochieva-Koraeva Kochieva Manana, Koraeva Zoya (pdf) (odt)
Zangieva-Khabalova, part 1 Zangieva Alla, Khabalova Zemfira (pdf) (odt)
Zarema Timofeevna Darchieva Zarema Timofeevna (pdf) (odt)

2013 texts

The transcription of texts and their translation into Russian was done by Madina Darchieva, interlinear gloss and translation into English — by Arseniy Vydrin and Julia Mazurova. In 2013 as part of the projects "A spoken corpus of the main dialects of contemporary Ossetic" (project leader Julia Mazurova) and "The collection of data for the National and Spoken corpora of Ossetic" (project leader Zalina Kusaeva) supported by the programme of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Corpus linguistics" spoken texts in the Iron dialect of Ossetic have been transcribed, translated and analyzed. The number of tokens in these texts is 20 000. The overall number of tokens in all Iron texts is 60 000.

Digor texts analyzed as part of these projects are available here.

We are thankful to the employees of the "Alania" radio station and in particular to Lyudmila Gubaeva, the author of the programme "Classmates", for providing us with the audio files of the radio programmes.

Text name Consultant Text (PDF) Text (ODT)
Alagir school

Lyudmila Gasieva, El'mira Khayretdinova, Al'bina Kasabieva

(pdf) (odt)
"Classmates": 5th evening school Lyudmila Gubaeva (host), Rimma Kaytukova, Svetlana Sviridenko (pdf) (odt)
"Classmates": Gizel' — Sokurov Lyudmila Gubaeva (host), Valery Sokurov, Irbeg Kisiev, Svetlana Dziova, Zhanna Doeva (pdf) (odt)
A conversation (Gizel') Kazbek Dzucev, Zalina Dzuceva, Fatima (neighbour) (pdf) (odt)
Kochieva-Koraeva, part 2 Manana Kochieva, Zoya Koraeva (pdf) (odt)
Zangieva-Khabalova, part 2 Alla Zangieva, Zemfira Khabalova (pdf) (odt)
Zangieva-Khabalova, part 3 Alla Zangieva, Zemfira Khabalova (pdf) (odt)
Zarema Aldatova Zarema Aldatova (pdf) (odt)