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Sites on Ossetic

ironau.ru - Ossetic language on-line. Reference and study material on Ossetic, including texts in Ossetic and scans of some grammatical works. Forum.

allingvo.ru - Alan language club. A large collection of texts in Ossetic (including those with parallel Russian translation) and scanned grammatical works. Ossetic dictionaries in ABBYY Lingvo format.

iriston.com - History and culture of Ossetia. This site contains some scans of grammars, including "Ossetic sketches" by Vs. F. Miller. Has a forum.

Ossetic dictionaries

ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries at allingvo.ru - Ossetic (Iron and Digor) dictionaries in ABBYY Lingvo format (for different languages, including English).

Ossetic dictionaries on-line on iriston.com - web versions of various Ossetic dictionaries.

Web-based Ossetic-Russian and Russian-Ossetic at ironau.ru - also includes Ossetic-Russian dictionary in .doc format.