Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts of the conference is available online here.

Conference programme

Monday, August 28

10:00–10:30 Registration
10:30–10:45 Opening address
Chair: Oleg Belyaev
10:45–11:45 Keynote lecture
  Vladimir Ivanov (Lomonosov Moscow State University / Russia)
  Iranian studies and speech research: Achievements and problems
11:45–12:15 Coffee
Chair: Agnes Korn
12:15–12:45 Michaël Peyrot (Leiden University / Netherlands)
  Eastern Iranian and Tocharian
12:45–13:15 Ilya Yakubovich (Russian State University for the Humanities / Russia).
  West Iranian ezafe as a contact-induced feature
13:15–13:45 Martin Kümmel (Friedrich Schiller University Jena / Germany)
  The Iranian words for ‘witness’ and the morphophonology of roots in *°a(y)-
13:45–15:00 Lunch
Chair: Ludwig Paul
15:00–15:30 Peter Ivanov (Moscow State Linguistic University / Russia)
  Clitic position(s) in Shughni: Beyond Wackernagel
15:30–16:00 Leila Dodykhudoeva (Institute of Linguistics RAS / Russia)
  Noun phrase vs. compound: Morphosyntactic process in the Shughnani language
16:00–16:30 Daniel Barry (City University of New York / USA).
  The emergence of pharyngeal sounds in Kurmanji Kurdish
16:30–17:00 Coffee
Chair: Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam
17:00–17:30 Robab Teymouri (University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences / Iran),
Fereshteh Momeni (Islamic Azad University / Iran),
Shahla Raghibdoust (Allameh Tabatabaʼi University / Iran) and
Golnaz Modarressi (Allameh Tabatabaʼi University / Iran)
  Foreign Accent Syndrome in a Persian-speaking woman
17:30–18:00 Natalia Serdobolskaya (Russian State University for the Humanities / Russia)
  Correlative pronouns in Ossetic complement clauses
18:00–18:30 Mehrnoosh Taherkhani (Tarbiat Modares University / Iran).
  Persian comparative correlatives are not conditionals
18:30–... Conference dinner


Tuesday, August 29

Chair: Ilya Yakubovich
10:00–10:30 Mehrnoosh Taherkhani (Tarbiat Modares University / Iran) and
Farnoosh Taherkhani (Imam Khomeini International University / Iran)
  Free relatives: Evidence from Persian
10:30–11:00 Julia Mazurova (Institute of Linguistics RAS / Russia)
  Structure and semantics of Ossetic preverbs
11:00–11:30 Oleg Belyaev (Lomonosov Moscow State University / Russia)
  The numerative in Ossetic
11:30–12:00 Arseniy Vydrin (Institute of Linguistic Studies RAS / Russia)
  Peculiarities of optative in Ossetic
12:00–12:30 Coffee
Chair: Martin Kümmel
12:30–13:00 Steven Kaye (University of Oxford / United Kingdom; Collège de France)
  A morphological outlier? The verb paradigm in the Northern Talyshi of Azerbaijan
13:00–13:30 Agnes Korn (Centre national de la recherche scientifique / France) and
Murad Suleymanov (École pratique des hautes études / France)
  Issues of microvariation: Crossdialectal differences in modal marking
13:30–14:00 Ghazaleh Vafaeian (Stockholm University / Sweden)
  Areal typological study on the progressive in northern Iran perspective
14:00–15:00 Lunch
15:00–17:30 Poster session
Chair: Erik Anonby
17:30–18:00 Leila Ziamajidi (Memorial University of Newfoundland / Canada)
  The aspectual system in Luri of Doroud
18:00–19:00 Keynote lecture
  Geoffrey Haig (University of Bamberg / Germany)
  Post-predicate arguments in Iranian languages


Wednesday, August 30

Chair: Vladimir Plungian
10:00–10:30 Alexander Nilsson (Uppsala University / Sweden)
  Evidentiality and epistemic authority in spoken Tajik
10:30–11:00 Erik Anonby (Carleton University / Canada; University of Bamberg / Germany) and
Mortaza Taheri-Ardali (Shahrekord University / Iran)
  Linguistic diversity and language contact in Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari Province, Iran
11:00–11:30 Maximilian Kinzler (University of Hamburg / Germany)
  The Khuzistan dialect of Early Judaeo-Persian and modern dialects of the region
11:30–12:00 Murad Suleymanov (École pratique des hautes études / France)
  The verb ‘to do’ in Upper Sirvan Tat:
Towards the genesis of a new inflectional paradigm through suppletion
12:00–12:30 Coffee
Chair: Leila Dodykhudoeva
12:30–13:00 Chams Bernard (Leiden University / The Netherlands)
  Gavruni modal verbs and impersonal constructions
13:00–13:30 Annette Herkenrath (Justus Liebig University Giessen / Germany)
  Impersonal constructions in language-biographical conversations
and related text types in Kurmanji
13:30–14:00 Elena Molchanova (Institute of Linguistics RAS / Russia)
  Argument structure in the Zoroastrian Dari
14:00–15:00 Lunch
Chair: Arseniy Vydrin
15:00–15:30 Dinara Satanova (Institute of Linguistic Studies RAS / Russia).
  The case marker -o in Northern Talyshi: morphology, semantics and origin
15:30–16:00 Ludwig Paul (University of Hamburg / Germany)
  The case system of modern West Iranian languages
in typological and historical perspective (with special reference to *radi)
16:00–16:30 Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam (Allameh Tabataba'i University / Iran)
  Peculiar alignments in modern Iranian languages
16:30–17:00 Coffee
Chair: Elena Molchanova
17:00–18:00 Keynote lecture
  Joy I. Edelman (Institute of Linguistics RAS / Russia)
  Semantic typology and the lexical evolution of Iranian languages
18:00–18:30 Closing the conference

Poster presentations