The conference will take place at the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Moscow 05-2012 Mokhovaya 05


The Institute is centrally located at the heart of Moscow, in front of the Kremlin and in walking distance from the Okhotny Ryad metro station.

Mokhovaya 11/1
125009 Moscow

Instructions for reaching the venue from the hotels, and for reaching the hotels themselves via public transport: Slavyanka, Vremena Goda.


We have pre-booked rooms at some hotels close to the conference venue with special rates for conference participants.

Otherwise you are of course free to choose any hotel at websites such as or similar services. You can also use private rental services such as AirBnb, which may be cheaper.

*Important*: You need to be registered during your stay in Russia. Hotels will do that automatically, but a private host needs to take care of it individually.

Also, make sure to keep the immigration card which you will receive (if not, do ask for it) on the plane or at the border since you will need it for the registration and for leaving the country.

In all cases, when making your booking, please indicate the full name of the conference in order to receive the special rates. If you need visa support, you can direct your request directly to the hotel.


The hotel is situated near the Dostoevskaya metro station, about 15-20 min. from the conference venue by public transport. Rooms are available for all conference participants. Breakfast and free Wi-Fi are included. Prices are per room.

Rooms are pre-booked from 25.08 till 03.09, but you can of course change the dates according to your plans while making your individual booking.

The rooms should generally be booked directly through the hotel (see email/phone below). Please mention the name of the conference while making your booking to get the special rates.

Note that the Standard Twin room includes the option of staying in two private rooms with one single bed each, with a shared bathroom. This is a useful option in that each person pays half the price, while staying in a separate room. If you would like to use this option, please write to the conference organizers rather than directly to the hotel. Such accommodation will only be shared among conference participants of the same gender.

The full price list can be downloaded here (in Russian, but room names are in English, and prices are self-explanatory).


Address: Suvorovskaya sq. 2/3, 129110 Moscow, Russia

Rates per night (weekday/weekend):

  • Standard Single: 2550/2150 RUB
  • Standard Twin: 3600/2700 RUB

Phone:+ 7 (495)681-59-26, +7 (495)681-44-44 (add. 384, 258)

Vremena Goda

This hotel is within 10-15 min. walking distance from the conference venue.

We have been able to book 3 economy (single) and 2 standard (single, double or twin) rooms from 26.08 till 01.09 and 3 standard rooms from 27.08 till 01.09. This does not mean that 26.08 is full or other dates are not available: we will check this with the hotel depending on your preference, but overall availability is limited. Free Wi-Fi is included in the price.


Address:Bolshoi Kislovsky lane 1/12, bldg. 2, 125009 Moscow, Russia

Rates per night:

  • Economy: 5192 RUB
  • Standard: 6952 RUB

E-mail: Please book through the conference organizers: we will hand in the list to the hotel. For visa support, please contact the hotel directly at:


City Comfort Hotel Arbatskaya

This hotel is at about the same distance from the conference venue as Vremena Goda (ca. 5-10 min. by foot). We have not pre-booked any rooms because the hotel has not been able to offer better rates than those that are currently available online. If you choose this option please book directly through the hotel.


Address:Sredny Kislovsky lane 3/1A, 125009 Moscow, Russia

Rates per night:

  • ca. 4200 RUB double or twin (regardless of number of persons)


Reception telephone: +7 (499) 899 79 89

Booking telephone: +7 (915) 400 42 06


The hotel is situated within walking distance from the conference venue. Rooms are not pre-booked, but the hotel is willing to provide discounts for groups. The prices indicated are average for the dates 27.08-31.08.


Address:Mokhovaya 10/1, 119019 Moscow, Russia

Average rates per night (1/2 persons):

  • Standard twin or double: 5230/5780

E-mail: Please contact the conference organizers if you would like to stay in this hotel. For visa support go to

Useful information

We have compiled some helpful info for visiting Moscow, which can be found here.